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Your gut health has a lot to do with your ability to absorb key vitamins and nutrients. Fatigue, irritability and sluggishness are some key indicators of an unbalanced, unhealthy gut. Our natural, soil-based liquid Probiotics helps to strengthen your body’s immune system, replenish the good bacteria, and begin rejuvenating your gut. Soon you’ll be happy, energetic and full of energy.

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Many of our skin ailments are as a result of our body not having enough GOOD BACTERIA. Our specially formulated Probiotics have proven to be effective at improving and even clearing your skin, even those caused by chronic autoimmune disorders such as Psoriasis. Users with psoriasis, acne, eczema and other skin issues have all seen dramatic improvement, even completely clear skin from using Ozona Organics’ Liquid Probiotics for Psoriasis. Learn more about our Natural Treatment for Psoriasis.

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Our liquid Probiotics are not frozen nor in tablet form. They survive the digestive acids to work where they are supposed to. Resulting in more GOOD bacteria in your entire gastro intestinal tract. Relieving bloating, distended stomach feeling, Gas, Constipation and more.

All Probiotics Are NOT the Same

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Certified Organic Probiotics

Our Probiotics products are both USDA and CCOF certified organic.

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No wonder why Doctors recommend leaving a 'little dirt' on your carrots!

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