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As my wedding grew closer, I found myself on the golf course a lot.  A stress reliever and a few hours out of my soon-to-be wife’s hair. Between the stress of the wedding and the heat from the hours on the course, I noticed a rash forming that I chalked up to just a heat rash. Before I knew it, the rash hash had grown from just my mid area to down my legs and up the sides of my stomach. With a nervous fiancée of what this could do to pictures, I scheduled an appointment with my primary care physician for any type of resolution to what was going on.

My dad has psoriasis.

With it being something that runs in my family, I got nervous that what I was dealing with was a form of psoriasis. I am one to look up anything and everything so I go into the doctor’s visit full of questions. At first, they said it was some sort of fungus and gave me a cream to take.

It worked but then it didn’t.

The cream helped enough to where it was comfortable for our wedding day. But soon after, it flared up again and with a vengeance! It was spreading all over and with no sight of getting any better. I made an appointment with a local dermatologist hoping for some type of answer.

Not a fungus

Immediately, the dermatologist ruled out it being a fungus and said it could be a string of psoriasis, whether chronic or acute. But before diagnosing me with psoriasis they said they would treat it as another acute skin condition called: pityriasis rosea.

More Creams…little results

Again, I was not seeing any sort of result from using the creams. It began to make my skin dry and the rash spots were now starting to scar. As the rash grew it began to go up my neck and I was getting patches on my elbows. I found myself tugging at my collar and lathering up on lotion in hopes of it not being noticeable at work or around people. It started to deflate my self-esteem.

“You were right…”

Men, we all hate to admit it, but she is usually (always) right. My wife sat down and did her research and reached out to friends who recommended I try Ozona Organics Probiotics. I was hesitant and stubborn. Because I had never heard of a probiotic helping with psoriasis or skin conditions before, I did not believe that a tasteless liquid could help me when clinically prescribed creams were not. Why wouldn’t my doctor recommend it to me if it worked? After leaving a dermatology appointment- this time with stitches due to a biopsy, I was at a breaking point. I left with more questions than answers and was finally willing to give in and try ANYTHING.

I began taking it in my water each morning and sometimes in my shakes. After about a week I started to notice a difference. The look on my wife’s face was both relieved and proud (mostly because I had to acknowledge that she was right). I continued to use the creams like directed but there was no denying the effects that the Ozona Organics Probiotic had.

psoriasis belly before probiotics review
Before Probitics
psoriasis clears on the belly with probiotics from ozona organics
After approx. 2 Weeks on Liquid Probiotics
psoriasis underarm pityriasis rosea before probiotics
Before Psoriasis
psoriasis underarm pityriasis rosea after probiotics two weeks
After approx. 2 Weeks on Liquid Probiotics
psoriasis side shoulder before probiotics reviews
Before Probiotics
psoriasis skin clear with probiotics after two weeks
After approx. 2 Weeks on Liquid Probiotics

On the right track

I have been taking Ozona Organics for Psoriasis now for close to a month and have seen dramatic improvement on my trouble spots. I do not itch as often as I used to and my skin is no longer dry and scaley. The scarring is even fading! It has not only helped me physically but also helped me in regaining my confidence. I am so grateful and blessed that I have found a resolution from an unlikely concept. My advice: don’t knock it ‘til you try it. It helped me…it could help you too.  

Stay tuned for my 2-month and 3-month updates!

What is your success story?

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