Review by Ognjen Stojanovic, triathlon athlete from Serbia.

Triathlon is my passion, outdoors is my office.

“So I was really struggling with eczema at the beginning of 2017, it all started as white pathes in 2016 which became red at the end of 2016. So in February and March 2017 I was really in bad condition, majority of my body had eczema, was itching and I felt terrible. I knew a lot about it and I never wanted to use corticosteroids nor any invasive methods as I knew its not long term solution, so I read a lot of books on microbiome and all latest research. I knew the problem is in the stomach where our immune system is. So I experimented with diet and started taking probiotics (not Ozona, still didn’t know about it) and it slowly started to be better. So it took months and months, and in August or September I reached condition which could be called “normal”. Although I was not cured completely, I was getting small patches with eczema which bothered me physiologically as I wanted to be cured 100%. I was training and living normally, but those small spots just wouldn’t let go! So in January this year I heard about Ozona Organics and I read testimonials and their story and I was sure that it is the best probiotic product I can find! I was lucky enough to receive products after few weeks and in February I started taking it. At the beginning I was taking double dose, then after 1-2 months I eased with 1 recommended dose per day. Here is photos from the day I received products and you can see patches. After 2 months of daily drinking my body 100% cleared! So in 1 year I managed to come from really really bad condition (photo) to 100% healthy, without unhealthy corticosteroids and other unhealthy stuff which do not cure cause (dis-balance of microbiome) and have side effects (eczema and rashes which is just way in which body clear itself of dermatoxins). Today, I don’t even have one spot and of course I am still drinking Ozona Organics liquid probiotics because my body deserves it! I am sure you can’t find a similar product on the market, I tried dozens of expensive probiotics and it’s true some helped, but none like Ozona Organics! -Ognjen Stojanovic”.

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