Swine Probiotics 1gal


OO Swine Probiotics are formulated to aid in stress management, prevent and minimize gastric ulcers, and improve gut health. The active plant and soil based bacteria in our probiotics are metabolites that are derived from a proprietary blend of highly potent microorganisms. These metabolites are designed to live through the stomach acid and will not lose potency while working in the stomach and gut. Our probiotics provide beneficial bacteria that animals need for optimal feed conversion and improved immunity. OO Swine Probiotics increase appetite and aid in stress management by balancing the acidity in the gut. Optimal health and nutrient absorption can be achieved with OO Swine Probiotics.

Purchase Pump Dispenser separate, dispenses 1 oz / pump.

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Benefits of our Swine Probiotics

  • prevent and treat stomach ulcers
  • balance gut acidity
  • reduce inflammation
  • boost immune system
  • manage stress
  • increase nutrient absorption and appetite

Signs of ulcers or digestive upset:

  • poor appetite
  • change in behavior
  • poor skin condition
  • no weight gain even when eating
  • avoiding feed
  • lethargic

Swine Probiotics Ingredients:

Metabolites derived from a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria including, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bifidus, Prebiotics, Digestive enzymes (Amylase, Protease)

How to use our Swine Probiotics:

Give 1-2 ounces of OO Probiotics daily. Administer as a top dress on feed or in clean drinking water. If showing signs of stress, double the dosage for 5 days.

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